Maxwell Technologies, Inc.

Maxwell was alleged to have lacked the internal controls necessary to prevent improper revenue recognition and to have falsely represented its operations and finances between April 28, 2011 and 2013. Hynes & Hernandez, LLC was an integral part of a team of attorneys that caused Maxwell to adopt corporate governance reforms that not only strengthened Maxwell’s internal controls but also make Maxwell’s board of directors more effective representatives of Maxwell and its shareholders. The governance measures include: (1) the requirement that the board of directors hold executive sessions at least twice quarterly; (2) enhanced director training; (3) the requirement that the audit committee meet periodically with Maxwell’s legal, internal audit and regulatory operations department to ensure there is meaningful oversight over Maxwell’s financial risks; (4) mandatory quarterly meetings and reports between the audit committee and the Chief Compliance Officer to discuss significant internal control issues and material enterprise, operational, financial legal/regulatory and reputational risks; (5) the implementation of annual comprehensive employee training regarding revenue recognition, Generally accepted accounting principles, and other financial reporting regulations and policies; and (6) the establishment of an internal audit plan to ensure that Maxwell has proper internal controls in place and are being followed by Maxwell employees.