Investor Services

Portfolio Monitoring

Hynes & Hernandez LLC is committed to protecting shareholder rights.  To that end, the firm is pleased to offer free portfolio monitoring services for its clients. The firm will monitor the client’s stock market portfolio for signs of corporate fraud or wrongdoing. If the firm believes that a client’s investment has been compromised as a result of actionable corporate transgressions, the firm will work with the client to remedy any resulting loss or to otherwise protect the client’s investment.

Participation in the firm’s portfolio monitoring service does not create any expectation, obligation or commitment on the part of the client to file a lawsuit.   If corporate wrongdoing is detected, the firm will simply notify the client and provide consultation as requested.  The firm will only file a lawsuit if the client decides to take action.  Any communications with clients are kept strictly confidential.  Investment information is also kept confidential unless the client chooses to pursue legal action and such investment information is required to be disclosed.  The firm offers portfolio monitoring at no charge to the client.